Rethink Normal.

Today’s students are already years into “The New Normal.”

It’s the label many have used since the start of the pandemic to describe our current era of predictable unpredictability. The framing appears to be inviting. It suggests that the normal we once knew adequately served all students, regardless of race, gender, background, or socioeconomic status.

It didn't.

For underprivileged communities and students, things have never been ‘normal.’

Because of this, ‘returning to normal’, or reimagining a ‘new normal’, would mean maintaining a world that primarily functions to serve the privileged while also not allowing ourselves enough time to process our current reality—especially from the perspective of students.

The current pandemic and social inequalities, police brutality, ever-existing fear of school shootings, climate change—all while having direct access to an overwhelming amount of information at such a young age—has resulted in almost unimaginable stress and anxiety levels for students. Not to mention the constant pressures of succeeding in school, getting into college, or starting a career.

These are young people with newfound trauma in an already extremely complex time of their lives—and they need safe, secure, and inclusive spaces to heal and grow into healthy adults.

School Counselors can help with that.

As a Woman of Color, a recent first-generation college graduate, former Therapeutic Behavioral Coach, and current School Counselor at University Preparatory Academy, I have the personal and professional experience to help create a more equitable and safer environment for all students.


By collaborating with staff, parents/guardians, resources in the community and other school personnel, my goal is to create and maintain a safe place where students can reach their full potential.

I will be resourceful and present to help students make well-informed decisions about their academic and career goals.

I will encourage staff trainings, to continue to learn and grow as an advocate (who wants to show up as my best self for the diverse needs of each individual).

I will create an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity.

I am fully committed to working with students, parents, school counselors, educators, parents, and other community stakeholders to ensure that the academic and emotional needs and goals of every student are addressed so that each student can complete their journey in school and beyond ✨

The students I work with will learn to develop and form goals, develop time management and study skill and learn self-motivation habits.

To my current, past, and future teammates:

Let’s work together to develop strategies to help today’s students navigate their journey and continuously move forward to shape a better future for our world.

Say hi anytime :)